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Corporate Videos

Bay Tiger Video Productions knows you don’t have to time to set up tedious video and sound equipment every time you need to record a seminar or make a short promotional announcement. Let our professional staff handle the video while you focus on more important things.

Video is more important than ever to the success of a business. When you show a promotion to a client, you want a high-quality product that accurately represents your company’s image. If you’re recording a company meeting or seminar, we’re dedicated to punctuality and minimal intrusion to your event.

Are you about to roll out training for your employees? Whether you’re looking to train a large group of people or need to train people remotely, our business training videos can help you get your message across when it counts. At Bay Tiger Video Productions, we provide business training videos for a wide range of clients. No matter the scope of the training or the length of the materials at hand, we’re up to the challenge and at your service.

• Conference Sessions recording

• Meetups recording

• Keynote/Powerpoint recordings

• Web Streaming

• Testimonial videos

• Marketing Videos

• Training Videos

• Product release

• Instructional videos


• Promotional videos for websites and YouTube

• TV commercials

• Theater Commercials

Event Coverage

• Corporate Parties

• Parties

• Sporting events