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Corporate Video Productions

Whether the audience is internal stakeholders, customers, press, or investors, we deliver compelling video content tailored to the needs of each project, all within budget and on-schedule.
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Our priority is building lasting relationships with our clients, understanding their requirements, and exceeding their expectations every time. From small businesses to large corporations, our customers are at the heart of what we do, and we are committed to quality service, regardless of project scope.
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Recap and Sizzle Videos

When it comes to capturing the spirit and energy of a live event—or conveying the excitement of a new product launch—our recap and sizzle videos deliver concise, impactful visuals that leave a lasting impression on viewers.
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Conference, Meetups and Presentation Videos

The right video content can make a live presentation even more dynamic, increasing audience engagement. Let us elevate your next conference, webinar, or customer meeting to the next level by introducing stunning visuals that communicate, educate, or simply entertain.
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Featured video

2020 IoT World Promo video
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Online Video Marketing

Leverage your web presence. Our videos are designed to communicate key messaging in a vibrant, engaging, and easy-to-understand format on company websites as well as social media.
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"Bay Tiger videos are impeccably impactful and memorable."

A Silicon Valley corporate video production company serving the Bay Area

Now more than ever, video serves as a vital component in corporate messaging, brand awareness, and product education. Even when we can’t gather together in person, the right visuals can help tell our stories over webinars, conference calls, advertisements, or live broadcasts, breathing life into formats that can otherwise seem static and flat.
At Bay Tiger Video Productions, we believe in the power of video to bridge these gaps—gaps in understanding and physical distance—making your audience feel more connected and engaged. In pursuit of this goal, we employ a team of highly talented professionals, offering storyboarding, editing, and live video capture services, all at competitive rates.  

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Alameda County Fire Dept.
Audi USA
Bay Area Panthers
Bratton & Company
CASBS at Stanford University
Cisco Systems
Dolby Laboratories
Electronic Arts
Gold Bar Whiskey
Jacobs at NASA
Harvard Business School
Informa – IoT World, Container World
LEMO Foundation
Linux Foundation Project
Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University
MediaX at Stanford University
Palo Alto Networks
Santa Clara City Library
Schneider Electric
Shape Security
Topio Networks