December 5, 2009 Posted by Baycentric Team in Motion Graphics

BodyKore animated logo

BodyKore animated logo:

Check it out on BodyKore’s video:

BodyKore is not only the premiere source for fitness related products and mma equipment but they also have the ability to produce customized parts for our customers. If you are looking to outsource your design or product and save on costs please contact them. They work very closely with not our own factory but if need to further outsource your custom design or product we have close ties with the best factories overseas to ensure that the end user is receiving high quality goods. BodyKore have had our hands with many parts and products that are used on a daily basis by thousands of satisfied clients worldwide. Please note that certain quantity of the particular design or product is required to first begin production. BodyKore would also require specific lead times depending on the intricate details of the custom product. Most custom product designs would also require a deposit depending on what the project entails.

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